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The shells of crab, shrimp, beetles, etc., could be decomposed by chitinase to chitin, calcium, and protein, respectively. We incubated the mixture solution of 1.5 kg crab shell, 1.5 kg multinutrient, 2 kg compost with microorganisms to decompose the chitin substance, 3 kg sugar, and 700 L water at room temperature for 7 days. During the incubation, aeration with an air pump was essential. We sprayed the chitin-incubated solution (CIS) after filtering to `Niitaka' pear (Pyrus pyrifolia) trees at 15-day intervals from May to Sept. 2004. Leaf area, leaf thickness, leaf specific weight, and chlorophyll contents were increased by the treatment with CIS. In fruit characteristics, fruit weight, soluble solids, fruit firmness, and Hunter values “a” and “b”were increased by the CIS treatment. Flesh browning after peeling the fruit was delayed by the CIS treatment, and polyphenoloxidase (PPO) activities were lowered.

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