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The effect of Surround® on walnut quality parameters including edible yield, reflected light index, insect damage, off grade, and price per pound were evaluated over a 3-year period in either, or in some years both, `Vina' and `Chandler' walnut orchards. Results indicate that edible yield, reflected light index, and price per pound were significantly increased by applications of Surround® in some years. Improvements in these parameters were more consistent with the cultivar `Vina'. Off grade was not significantly reduced by the use of Surround®. Insect damage levels were too low to measure in all orchards in all years.

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Apogee at rates of 125 and 250 ppm applied at 2-cm average shoot growth and a split application of 125 ppm applied at 2-cm shoot growth and 2 weeks later reduced vegetative growth of `Pink Lady', `Gala', and `Fuji' in 1997 and 1998. Cultivar response varied with rate and year. Fruit size was significantly increased in `Gala' at the low rate and split low rate applications and in `Fuji' at the low and high rate single application in 1998. There was no effect on return bloom or fruit color.

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Fifty trees each of 1-year-old Paradox rootstock June-budded to `Chandler' walnut and 2-year-old Paradox whipgrafted to `Chandler' were planted in a 28 × 28-ft spacing on a Hanford sandy loam soil. Ten trees of each type were selected at time of planting and the number of roots, individual root diameter, trunk diameter, root dry weight, scion dry weight, and total dry weight were compared. All parameters, with the exception of root number, were significantly greater for the grafted 2-year-old rootstocks. Growth of the trees measured as trunk circumference 20 cm above the graft union was significantly greater for the grafted 2-year-old rootstocks following the first season. There was no significant different in trunk circumference between the 1- and 2-year-old rootstocks following the second or third growing seasons.

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