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To select plant species and species combinations for northern climates, mats with different plant species and species combinations were constructed on a green roof plant production farm and later transported and installed on an urban rooftop. There were three treatments: two different planting combinations, which together consisted of 10 diverse plant species [both stonecrop (Sedum) species and nonstonecrop species], and a control, which consisted of 26 stonecrop species used for standard mat production. Growth measurements and observations were made at both sites and special attention was paid to the performance of species during the harvest, transportation, and installation stages, as well as during recovery postinstallation. All species but false rock cress (Aubrieta cultorum) were found to be suitable for extensive green roof applications in northern climates, although there were variations of suitability among the species. Good, mediocre, and poor interactions formed between numerous species, displaying different levels of compatibility. Finally, all species were considered appropriate for a mat production system; species that failed to germinate, species planted postinstallation, the frequently displaced rolling hens and chicks (Jovibarba sobolifera), and false rock cress were exceptions. Overall, many species in this study displayed successful, well-rounded growth. Based on results, species and species combinations were recommended for extensive green roofs in northern climates.

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