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This study was conducted to determine the growth and flower quality of single-node cutting rose `Versillia' under two different irrigation control methods (time clock and integrated solar radiation). The frequency of irrigation was controlled by time clock and integrated solar radiation of 1.25 and 2.09 and 3.35 MJ·m-2 in aeroponics. Photosynthesis was the highest in the integrated solar radiation of 2.09 MJ·m-2 and 1.25 MJ·m-2 the lowest in the integrated solar radiation of 3.35 MJ·m-2. The growth of single-node cutting rose `Versillia' at 1.25 MJ·m-2 and 2.09 MJ·m-2 was better than 3.35 MJ·m-2 for stem length and fresh weight. Root activities of single-node cutting rose were significantly higher at 2.09 MJ·m-2 and 1.25 MJ·m-2 than those at 3.35 MJ·m-2. The irrigation control method using integrated solar radiation of 1.25-2.09 MJ·m-2 showed a improvement of plant growth and flower quality.

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