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A subsurface soil warming system consisting of parallel line heat sources, buried 52 cm deep and 122 cm apart, simulating a proposed arrangement for the use of power plant waste heat, was installed in a plastic covered greenhouse. Soil warming with a heat source temperature of about 36°C increased soil temperatures substantialy but had little effect on the air temperature.

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Previously published research suggests that the yield and water-use efficiency of C-3 plants can be enhanced through foliar-applied methanol. Potatoes (Solanum tuberosum L. cv. Russet Burbank) grown in Oregon at Klamath Falls, Madras, and Ontario were subjected to repeated foliar methanol treatments during the 1993 season. Methanol was applied at 20%, 40%, and 80% concentration with Triton X-100 sticker-spreader at 0.1%, and methanol was applied at 20% and 40% without Triton X-100. Methanol had no effect on tuber yield, size distribution, grade, or specific gravity at any location. Tuber stem-end fry color showed no methanol response at the two locations where it was measured. Soil water potential (measured at Madras and Ontario) showed no difference in water-use efficiency between methanol-treated and nontreated potato plants.

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