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Clonal propagation in vitro of Aranda Wendy Scott ‘Greenfield’ and Aranthera James Storei was achieved with Vacin and Went medium (VW) supplemented with coconut water (CW) (15% by volume) or green banana (GB) (50 g/liter) or by omission of sucrose (Su). Induction of protocorm-like bodies (plb) on explants of apical and axillary buds was accomplished on VW + 15%CW and multiplication of plb in VW − 2%Su + 15%CW. Shoots were induced on solid VW − 2%Su for Aranthera James Storei and solid VW − 2%Su + 15%CW + 5%GB for Aranda Wendy Scott. Roots were induced on solid VW + 15%CW + 5%GB medium.

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