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Transverse cracking of cotyledons, (TVC), varied from 0 to 95% among bean cultivars and was enhanced by planting dry seed in wet soils. A more reliable indication of TVC potential was obtained if the seed was placed in small beakers and covered with water. Covering the hilum with grease slowed imbibition and reduced TVC in tolerant lines. Soaking for 45 minutes in ethanol prior to imbibition in water accelerated imbibition and increased TVC. Seed coat removal prior to imbibition further enhanced imbibition and increased TVC. None of these 3 treatments changed the relative amount of TVC, but seed coat nicking or removal prior to imbibition gave the most reliable test.

Potassium and Mg in cotyledons were negatively correlated with cultivar susceptibility. Calcium was sometimes significantly correlated with TVC in seed grown in a given location, but the correlations could be lacking or of opposite sign in seed grown elsewhere.

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