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Neil S. Mattson, Elizabeth M. Lamb, Brian Eshenaur and John Sanderson

Growers of greenhouse ornamentals in New York State (NYS) have identified the need for improved diagnosis and management of diseases, insects, and media/fertility problems to reduce crop loss and improve crop quality. With the objective of using an interactive small-group format to encourage active learning of topics, our team developed a hands-on workshop model that we termed integrated pest management (IPM) In-depth. In addition, we wanted to deliver the workshop in several locations around NYS to reach growers who traditionally have not attended on-campus programs. Each program consisted of three modules focusing on an insect, disease, or plant culture topic. Participants were divided into small groups that rotated through the areas. From 2009 to 2013, we present 20 In-depth workshops in 14 NYS counties reaching 309 attendees. The project succeeded in its intent to reach growers who had limited access to previous IPM programming; 59% of attendees had not previously attended any type of IPM programming. The majority of attendees (66%) reported that they had learned information they intended to implement at their operations. Additional impacts and challenges of offering this hands-on program are discussed.

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Masood Z. Hadi, Mark P. Bridgen and John P. Sanderson

Procedures were developed to determine if live, adult two-spotted spidermites (Tetranychus urticae Koch) could be surface disinfested before being introduced into in vitro cultures of torenia (Torenia fournieri L.). Three time periods (5, 10, and 15 minutes) and five levels of sodium hypochlorite (0.05% to 0.25%) were evaluated. Surface disinfestation was accomplished by agitating 2 × 3 cm pieces of infested bean leaves in sodium hypochlorite solutions and then drying in a mite drier apparatus. All sodium hypochlorite concentrations disinfested the mites completely, however high concentration levels were lethal to the mites. Exposure periods of 10 and 15 minutes also significantly increased mortality. For optimum disinfestation of two-spotted spidermites with minimum mortality, a concentration of 0.05% sodium hypochlorite and 0.05% Tween-20 for 5 minutes should be used.

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Kenneth C. Sanderson, Durward A. Smith and John A. McGuire

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Kenneth C. Sanderson, Willis C. Martin Jr. and John McGuire