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In the context of intensified global climate change, Taxodium distichum has been attracting attention as an essential wetland plant. Through the literature visualization analysis software CiteSpace, the Spatial Distribution, Journal Distribution, Research Power, research status, and trends of T. distichum. The main conclusions are as follows. 1) The United States and China are the major countries for T. distichum research. The major institutions are Louisiana State University and the US Geological Survey. 2) The popular research areas mainly include growth, response, wetland, forest, climate change, adventitious root, and soil. 3) The research trends are soil and Florida (1992–98), survival (1999–2005), T. distichum (2006–12), salinity (2018–22), and sea-level rise (2020–22). These findings offer the current research status of T. distichum and could provide reference information for scholars in related fields to determine research directions and refine issues.

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