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The concentrations of elements in the portions of vegetable plants used for human consumption as well as the yield should be evaluated. Applications of NaCl and KCl to loam soils (Glossoboric Hapludalf, loamy, mixed mesic) have consistently increased the growth of table beet (Beta vulgaris L.) plants and the yield of the enlarged portion of the roots. The concentrations of Na, K, and Cl in the roots were also increased. The objective of this study was to develop a method of predicting the concentration of Na in canned table beet roots. Sodium, K, and Cl from the soils and from preplant soil applications of Na at 0, 250, and 500 kg·ha−1 and KCI at 300 kg·ha−1 were monitored systematically as continua through the soil tests and the chemical analyses of leaf blade and petioles at midseason, in the raw roots at harvest, and in the solid and liquid portions of the canned roots. Sodium from the soils and from increasing the rate of NaCl linearly increased the concentration of Na in all components. The concentrations of Na in the leaf blades and the leaf petioles at midseason were excellent predictors of the content of Na in the canned beet roots. Application of equivalent ionic rates of NaCl and KCI produced the same yields of roots.

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