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Fruit growth curves of three longan varieties showed single sigmoid. Seed was the major sink in longan at early fruit development. Aril grew only after seed had approached full development. Early `Yangtaoyeh' grew more rapidly than two later varieties. Desweeting, levels of aril total soluble solids (TSS) increased to maximum and then declined gradually at later fruit development, occurs often in longan. Variation of desweeting rate among varieties was significant. Increases of fruit weight during desweeting (from dates of maximum TSS to end of experiment) were 55.4%, 50.9%, and 7.3% for `Yangtaoyeh', `Fenko', and `Shihyueh', respectively. Periods of water contents increase in aril coincided with the changes of fruit weight of three varieties. Dilution of TSS by water inflow was one of major factor of desweeting in longan fruit. Girdling did not slow down decline of aril total soluble solids.

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