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Progenies of 4 sets of reciprocal crosses in Dendrobium were compared including an intraspecific cross, 2 interspecific crosses, and an amphidiploid cross. With the reciprocal crosses involving 2 accessions of D. canaliculatum (D173-2 and D129), offspring with cytoplasm of D173-2 (Papua, New Guinea accession) were taller, produced more pseudobulbs, and gave a higher flower yield than with D129. Offspring with the same D. canaliculatum cytoplasm also produced taller plants and more pseudobulbs in reciprocal crosses between D. canaliculatum and D. strebloceras. Reciprocal crosses of D. schulleri × D. × Sunset differed in chromosome number and flower quality. D. schulleri × D. × Sunset produced triploid offspring, while the reciprocal produced diploid offspring. Reciprocal matings of 2 amphidiploid D. × Jaquelyn Thomas selections did not differ in height, yield, number of pseudobulbs, or floral characteristics.

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