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A planting was established in 1964 and 1965 to evaluate the following ‘Delicious’ strains: ‘Red Prince’, ‘Jardine Red’, ‘Royal Red’, ‘Turner Red’, ‘Richared’, ‘Rogers Red’, ‘Gardner Red’, ‘Sturdeespur’, and ‘Starkrimson’, the last 2 being spur types. The strains have been evaluated through 1979. Leaf N, K, Ca and Mg levels varied among the strains but none was consistently different from another. The cumulative yield per tree from 1970 to 1979 was higher for all standard strains except ‘Red Prince’ than for the spur strains. Theoretical cumulative yield per hectare was highest for ‘Sturdeespur’ and significantly higher than all other cultivars with the exception of ‘Turner Red’. ‘Sturdeespur’ had the highest production efficiency. Watercore severity at harvest was inconsistent among the strains, but in 3 of 4 years fewer ‘Starkrimson’ fruits were affected.

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