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Rutgers Urban Gardening (RUG) has established a physical, psychological, and emotional environment that fosters and sustains diversity. RUG enhances cultural diversity by employing an ethnic minority work force of six, reaching diverse audiences representing more than 30 ethnic groups, and offering a wide variety of educational programs. Urban gardening gives people an opportunity to meet others, share concerns, and solve problems together. It cuts across social, economic, cultural, and racial barriers, bringing together people of all ages and ethnic backgrounds.

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This study revealed that cooperative extension education usually requires a combination of communication channels or teaching methods. One channel or method supplements and complements another. It is the cumulative effect on people of repeated exposure to an innovation that results in action. The differential adoption behavior of the gardeners in relation to 10 gardening technologies suggests that the adoption of one technology does not depend on another. Adoption of a gardening technology is a major consequence of communication. Furthermore, the relative influence of sources and channels decreased with the increase in the number of technologies adopted.

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