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  • Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science x
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Leucocoryne, a native to Chile, has violet, blue, or white flowers and is increasing in popularity as a cut flower. The effects of storage temperature and duration on flower bud development, shoot emergence, and anthesis were investigated. Bulbs stored at 20 to 30 °C for 22 weeks produced 3.4 flower stems per bulb between March and April. Bulbs stored at 20 °C flowered earliest, followed by those stored at 25 °C. Bulbs stored at 30 °C flowered last. After 16 weeks of storage at 20 °C, a further 2 weeks dry storage at 15 °C before planting resulted in 1 month earlier flowering with no reduction of the number of flowering stems. As dry storage at 20 °C increased to 11 months, the time to emergence and flowering decreased. After dry storage at 20 °C for 12 months, the primary flower stems aborted and secondary stems then developed. Secondary and tertiary flower stems tend to commence flower bud development after the flower bud on the primary flower stem has reached the gynoecium or anther and ovule stage of initiation.

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