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Abstract results showed that many germplasms of P. Armeniaca. P. persica and a few germplasms of P. Salicina had immersed into those of P. mume. Some cultivars (strains) possessed species characteristics coming from 2 or 3 of the 3 species in a single plant. All of the plants tested were transition types of the related varieties such as var. bungo and so on. Some new characteristics of P. mume were found in a few strains. The resources were classified into highly, mediumly and lightly backcrossed types. The mean yield index and fruit weight of highly back-crossed type (HB) were significantly higher than those of the other 2 types. The setting rate of HB was higher and significantly higher than that of lightly and mediumly type, respectively. There were no significant differences in mean bitter index and flower index among them.

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