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Seven-year-old `Royal Ann' cherry trees were given a total of 244 g of actual N as ammonium nitrate depleted in 15N (0.01 atom % 15N) either in March (M), June (J), or both in March and June (Split). The fertilizer was soil-applied to eight single-replicate trees. The following August, leaves from the trees that had the M treatment had 15.3% of their N from the fertilizer compared to 9.6% for the split treatment. Trees that had a J application were not different from the control trees. Even though cherry trees are physiologically active during the late summer months, little N is translocated to the leaves once the crop is fully developed. The percentage of newly acquired N in the fruit is similar to that in the spur leaves. Leaves from the different treatments had similar N contents; therefore, labeled N is the tool of choice to assess the performance of different fertilization practices.

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