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H.K. Wutscher

Three trees each of `Valencia' orange (Citrus sinensis L. Osbeck) on rough lemon (C. limon L. Burm. f.) rootstocks that had been grown in solution culture since July 1989 were grown in two solutions from Oct. 1995 to Sept.1996. Solution 1 was a soil extract made by boiling field soil (1:2 soil:water) for 20 min and filtering. Solution 2 was a complete nutrient solution. The solutions were analyzed every 7 days and changed every 28 days. At each solution change, the newly prepared solutions were analyzed for 11 elements and their depletion was determined by weekly analysis. Nearly all the N, K, and Mn in Solution 1 was absorbed in the first 7 days after each solution change; in Solution 2, N and Mn were also absorbed in 7 days, but K absorption was variable; single trees sometimes needed 4 weeks to absorb all the potassium. Calcium and Mg were never completely absorbed and in contrast to Mn, traces of Fe, Zn, and Cu remained in both solutions after 4 weeks.

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H.K. Wutscher and K.D. Bowman

Twenty-one selections consisting of 13 numbered hybrids, one ornamental, and seven named cultivars were tested as rootstocks for `Valencia' orange, Citrus sinensis L. Osbeck. The test included six, four-tree replications in randomized complete blocks on sandy soil typical of the center of the Florida peninsula. Trees propagated on Vangasay lemon, HRS 812 (Sunki × Benecke trifoliate orange), and HRS 942 (Sunki × Flying Dragon trifoliate orange) produced more fruit than trees on the other 18 rootstocks in the test. Trees on 10 rootstocks, including the widely used commercial rootstocks, Swingle citrumelo and Carrizo citrange, were intermediate in cumulative fruit production. Trees on five rootstocks, including Sun Chu Sha, Gou Tou #1, and Tachibana, had low yields and trees on HRS 939 (Flying Dragon trifoliate orange × Nakorn pummelo) and sour orange #2 were extremely dwarfed and were minimally productive because of tristeza virus disease. Fouryear cumulative fruit production ranged from 52 to 317 kg per tree. Fruit from trees on HRS 954 and HRS 952 (Pearl tangelo × Flying Dragon trifoliate orange) had the highest, and fruit from trees on Vangasay and Gou Tou #1 had the lowest total soluble solids concentration.