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William Reichert, H. Chung Park, H. Rodolfo Juliani, and James E. Simon

Catnip (Nepeta cataria, Fam. Lamiaceae), an aromatic herb from southwestern Asia, is best known for causing a euphoric effect on domestic cats and other members of the feline family due to the volatile compound nepetalactone contained in the essential oil of the plant (Jamzad et al., 2003; McElvain et al., 1941; Waller et al., 1969). The aromatic volatiles of catnip are produced in the glandular trichromes on the leaf epidermis (Moon et al., 2009). Due to the morphological nature of the bilabiate bisexual flowers, this plant can self-pollinate and also

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William Reichert, Harna Patel, Christopher Mazzei, Chung-Heon Park, H. Rodolfo Juliani, and James E. Simon

Two new clonal oregano cultivars Origanum vulgare cv. Pierre and cv. Eli have been developed through multiyear and multisite evaluations, and have been approved by Rutgers University for commercial and public release. Each of these new cultivars have significantly greater essential oil and 2-methyl-5-propan-2-ylphenol (carvacrol) yields than the currently offered commercial alternatives. These two new cultivars were developed to provide good field performance, upright growth habit, to accumulate high essential oils yields and serve as rich sources of carvacrol. The cultivars were designed to supplement the flavor, food, fragrance, nutraceutical, cosmetic and animal and poultry industries. These two