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Size and number of plots is an important consideration for strawberry breeders and other researchers engaged in the evaluation of strawberry cultivars. Edgar (2) found at East Mailing that plots of about 50 plants planted on the square were best, but Taylor (3) considered the variability in Edgar’s plots to be abnormally low, and advocated plots of 24 plants arranged in a twin row. He considered that seven replicates were necessary to measure a 20 percent difference at the 5 percent level of probability. Baker and Voth (1) in California considered 3 plots of 50 plants or 8 of 25 plants necessary to reduce heterogeneity to an acceptable level for scoring clones for resistance to Verticillium wilt in a “wilt nursery.” All of these researchers were working with strawberries on the hill system, whereas the matted row system is standard in Eastern North America.

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