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Two genotypes of cayenne pepper, Capsicum annuun, have been previously identified which differ significantly in ease of fruit detachment force. Both greenhouse- and field-grown plants of these genotypes, Cajun1-9027 and Cap-9004, were investigated for differences in cell type or organization where the fruit and receptacle join. Scanning electron microscopy revealed that mature fruit of genotype Cajun1-9027, which does not separate, exhibits a distinct region of sclerified cells that extend from the periphery of the fruit into the receptacle for at least 15 cell layers. In contrast, mature fruit of the more readily detachable genotype, Cap-9004, had fewer sclerified cells at the point of detachment. Neither genotype exhibits a well-defined abscission zone prior to, or at, maturity. Interpretation of histochemical staining of fruit-receptacle sections following ethylene treatment at different fruit developmental stages will be discussed.

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