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Eastern filbert blight (EFB) (Anisogramma anomala) is a serious disease of the European hazelnut (Coryls avellana). A single dominant gene for immunity to EFB from C. avellana `Gasaway' is being combined with good nut and kernel traits using a modified backcross approach. Additional sources of resistance would be highly desirable. Clones and seedlings of six other species (C. columa, C. comuta, C. heterophylla, C. sieboldiana, C. amencana, and C. jaquemontii] and a few interspecific hybrid selections were screened in the greenhouse to identify new sources of resistance. C. jacquemontii seedlings and C. columa clones were highly susceptible. C. comuta, C. hetemphylla, and C. sieboldiana clones were resistant, as were 86% of the C. americana seedlings tested. Five C. americana × C. avellana hybrids from New York were resistant under field conditions. One of four C. comuta × C. avellana and two of three C. hetemphylla × C. avellana hybrids were resistant.

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