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Five different pruning techniques were begun in 1990 on Anjou pear trees to determine their effect on fruit set: (1) unpruned; (2) central leader, (3) central leader modified to Verner method; (4) stubbed into 2- to 4-year-old wood first year and then developed to central leader; and (5) mold-and-hold. Half of each treatment was spread, the other half not spread. Half of each of the combination training and spreading were tipped back to the first fruit bud at cluster bud time. The trees were 9 years old and on OHXF97 rootstock. The unpruned trees had the highest yield, 81 Kgm/tree. The other treatments ranged between 52 and 58 Kgm/tree. Regardless of pruning treatment, the spread trees out yielded the non-spread trees by 16 Kgm/uee.. There was essentially no difference between trees tipped in the spring and those that were not tipped.

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