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Root promotion and root inhibition were measured for geranium and poinsettia cuttings during and after treatment at medium temp of 5 to 35°C at 5°C increments for 1 to 5 days. Optimum root initiation and elongation temp from 1 day of treatment were 15 to 30°C with reduced root initiation after 5 and 35°C and inhibition of root elongation after 5, 10 and 35°C treatments. Medium treatments for 3 or 5 days at 25 and 30°C increased root initiation and elongation which continued at accelerated rates during a 5 day period following treatment. Medium temp 5, 10, 15, and 35°C for 3 or 5 days reduced root initiation and elongation during treatment, and inhibition continued after treatments of 5, 10, and 35°C. Roots became brown for both species during 35°C treatment, while roots at 25°C and below remained white. After treatment root tip vascular and cortical cells varied in size but were anatomically similar. Distances from the root tips to the 1st xylem element were largest at 25°C allowing more cortical cells in the meristematic region.

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