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The effects of supplementary irradiance (20 μmol·s-1·m-2 for 6 hours) with incandescent light (I) or fluorescent compact gas-discharge lamps (CF) vs. a basic irradiance (96 μmol·s-1·m-2 for 12 h) with fluorescent (F) light at 17 or 25C was studied for Achimenes hybrids `Flamenco', `Hilda', and `Rosenelfe'. The additional I increased leaf area (LA) and plant dry weight (DW) in `Hilda' and `Rosenelfe' and promoted stem elongation in all three cultivars. Additional F had no effect on DW. However, depending on cultivar, responses for LA varied. An increase in the number of flowers was promoted only in `Rosenelfe' by I and CF compared with the control. In all cultivars, the supplementary CF, when compared with the I, reduced LA and DW. LA was significantly larger and DW higher at higher temperature, except for `Rosenelfe', where DW was not influenced and LA was smaller at the higher temperature. All three cultivars produced a longer stem and more flowers at the higher temperature. Calculated growth responses were influenced by an interaction between temperature and cultivar.

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