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An untrained panel evaluated five apple cultivars [Malus domestica Borkh. cvs. Liberty, Prima, Priscilla, and Freedom (all scab resistant) and Spur Red Delicious (Bisbee strain)] in 1988 and 1989 to determine consumer acceptability and opinion of quality. Testers evaluated fruit for five quality characteristics (texture, juiciness, aroma, tartness, and sweetness) plus overall quality in a random, blind taste test on 30 Sept. 1988. Testers consistently identified `Spur Red Delicious' (9% soluble solids content) as undesirable for all attributes. Tasters could not discern differences in juiciness among the cultivars. `Freedom' was rated excellent, `Liberty' and `Prima' very good to good, and `Priscilla' good in overall quality. In a separate blind, random preference test, `Freedom', `Liberty', and `Prima' received higher preference ratings than `Priscilla'. The taste tests were repeated using the same five cultivars on 3 Oct. 1989. `Freedom' and `Liberty' received the highest ratings for overall quality. Freedom received the highest preference ratings. Results, in general, were consistent from year to year. Since we tested only one strain of `Red Delicious', we cannot conclude from this work that resistant cultivars are preferred to any standard; however, we can conclude that resistant cultivars are acceptable to the consumer.

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