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Many daphne cultivars are susceptible to fungal root pathogens and require frequent fungicide applications during production. To identify taxon differences to disease susceptibility, we evaluated 32 Daphne species and cultivars for resistance to the soil-borne pathogen, Thielaviopsis basicola (Berk. and Broome) Ferr., by both in vitro- and in vivo-based methods. Disease-free plant roots were inoculated with the pathogen through topical application of a spore suspension and observed weekly for disease development/progression. Significant variation for disease severity among the taxa evaluated was determined using a plant disease index. Plant reactions ranged from highly resistant, e.g., D. tangutica and D. retusa, to highly susceptible, e.g., D. cneorum. In addition, a high correlation was found between the in vitro and in vivo techniques for the seven selected species, indicating that they are comparable. However, the in vitro assay provided results in significantly less time than the in vivo assay.

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