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Ricky M. Bates and David A. Baumbauer

Horticulture students often lack practical experience integrating information from diverse sources to solve complex real-life problems. Capstone courses seek to remedy this by giving students an opportunity to demonstrate a range of workplace skills such as teamwork, effective communication, and critical thinking. Sponsored competitions provide educators with an active-learning framework into which the goals of a capstone course can be developed. The Greenhouse of the Future competition allowed undergraduate students to conceptualize, develop, and prototype innovative greenhouse designs in a national competition venue. This article explains the guidelines of the Greenhouse of the Future competition and discusses how the competition was integrated into the capstone course Greenhouse Management.

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David A. Baumbauer, Colleen B. Schmidt and Macdonald H. Burgess

Kale, leaf lettuce, and spinach were grown for 28 days in growth chambers under daily light integrals (DLI) of 8, 10, 12, and 14 mol·m−2·d−1. Fresh weight (FW), dry weight (DW), leaf area, and chlorophyll concentration were measured. Increasing DLI positively influenced lettuce FW; an increase from 1.27 g/plant to 4.33 g/plant was measured. DW for all species increased in a linear fashion under increasing DLI, with lettuce increasing 203%, kale 47%, and spinach 42% as DLI increased from 8 to 14 mol·m−2·d−1. Leaf area response was species-dependent, with lettuce leaf area increasing under increasing DLI while kale leaf area decreased under higher DLI. Chlorophyll levels in kale leaves decreased from DLI of 8 to 12 mol·m−2·d−1, and then increased to 14 mol·m−2·d−1 DLI. Chlorophyll content in kale leaves had a nonlinear response to DLI and the best fit was with a quadratic model. Growers wanting to add supplemental lighting can expect the greatest gains in lettuce yield compared with those of kale and spinach.