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Pollen samples of 4 cultivars and clones of Phoenix dactylifera L., 2 clones of P. reclinata Jacq. and one clone each of P. humilis Royle, P. roebelenii O’Brien × P. paludosa Roxb., P. rupicola T. Anderson and P. sylvestris (L.) Roxb. were compared using the scanning electron microscope (SEM). All grains were monosulcate, elliptical, and had tectate-perforate exines. Cultivars could be distinguished by differences in pollen morphology and exine structure. Characters that showed morphological variation included presence or absence of wax-like substances, grain length, grain width, and grain length:width ratio. Diverse structural characteristics included shape, pattern, size, and frequency of tectal perforations. Morphological and structural characteristics of pollen may serve as an aid in the taxonomic identification of staminate cultivars in Phoenix.

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