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Annual vinca [Catharanthus roseus (L.) G. Don ‘Peppermint Cooler’] plugs were transplanted to containers filled with Douglas fir [Pseudotsuga menziesii (Mirbel) Franco] bark (DFB) in May and June 2005 (Expts. 1 and 2, respectively). Treatments were arranged in a 2 × 3 factorial with two DFB ages (fresh and aged) and three micronutrient sources (DFB alone, 10% by volume yard debris compost, or 0.9 kg·m−3 Micromax fertilizer). Plants were measured for shoot dry weight and foliar color. Substrate and foliar samples of each plant were analyzed for 13 essential macro- and micronutrients plus substrate pH and EC. Douglas fir bark alone appears to provide sufficient micronutrients for annual vinca grown at pH 4.7 to 5.7 over a 2-month period. In Expt. 1 there were no differences in shoot dry weight or foliar color regardless of DFB age or micronutrient source. At the end of Expt. 2, plants in aged DFB were larger than those in fresh DFB, but differences were primarily the result of nitrogen availability. None of the treatments developed color symptoms that could be associated with micronutrient deficiency. Micronutrient availability in DFB should be considered in container fertilizer management plans.

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