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Two tree species, Acer rubrum `October Glory' (October Glory red maple) and Quercus phellos (willow oak) were planted in Columbus, GA and Mobile, AL. Variables evaluated were location (park vs residential) and tree size (1.5 vs 3.0 inch caliper). Greater shoot elongation occurred with 1.5 inch red maples and willow oaks than with 3.0 inch caliper trees. First year growth differences were not related to photosynthesis, night respiration, leaf water potential, or foliar nitrogen levels. Little height or caliper change occurred with either species. Red maple shoot elongation was greater in Mobile than into Columbus. Growth was not affected by location within either city.

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Potential exists for reduced water use and improved water quality in container nurseries through redesign of the container to minimize leaching. `Celebrate' poinsettias were grown in trade gallon containers with modified drainage hole number and size. Irrigation was applied when an individual container's medium decreased to 80% of container capacity; a gravimetric method was used to determine daily water requirements. Containers with one drainage hole in the center bottom reduced applied water (13%) and leachate volume (90%) compared to standard nursery containers (4 drainage holes in the side and one in the center bottom). Plant quality was similar with these treatments.

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