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Potential consumers were surveyed in the spring of 1996 to gain insight into preferences for flower and leaf color in New Guinea impatiens (Impatiens hawkeri Bull.). Survey participants indicated a preference for bright solid colors, and bicolor flowers. The most preferred solid flower colors were red-violet, and red. The least preferred solid flower colors were pink and blush. Potential consumers ranked bicolor flowers over their solid color counterparts. Red and variegated foliage were preferred to solid green. Foliage with solid red upper or lower surfaces were preferred 2:1 over variegated foliage.

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Temperatures in 4 simple thermometer shelters over a 3-1/2 hour period, under nighttime radiant cooling conditions were compared in early June, 1972. Temperatures within shelters having a single roof of wood or plastic were found to be significantly lower than air measured by an aspirated thermocouple. Temperatures in shelters having a double roof of wood did not differ significantly from air temperature. The temperature differences among single- and double-roof shelters were not considered sufficient to warrant the use of a double-roof shelter for orchard thermometer support.

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