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Excessive accumulation of Cd or Zn in white pine (Pinus strobus L.), red maple (Acer rubrum L.), and Norway spruce (Picea abies L.), resulted in reduced root initiation, poor development of root laterals, chlorosis, dwarfism, early leaf drop, wilting, and necrosis of current season’s growth. Positive correlations existed between nutrient culture levels and tissue accumulation when plants were grown in sand. White pine seedlings accumulated more Cd and Zn than either red maple or Norway spruce when compared in similar experiments. White pine appeared to be more tolerant of Cd and Zn accumulation than either red maple or Norway spruce since visual phytotoxicity symptoms were observed only at the higher treatment levels. Accumulation of Cd and Zn from a medium of 2 sand: 1 soil: 1 perlite by volume was also observed.

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