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Pollen–stigma incompatibility in european hazelnut (Corylus avellana L.) is of the sporophytic type and under the control of a single locus with multiple alleles (haplotypes). The S-locus was previously assigned to linkage group 5 (LG5) and linked DNA markers were identified. The loci that control leaf color and style color are linked to the S-locus. We investigated segregation for leaf and style color and S-alleles in two progenies, mapped the loci, and compared the two new maps with the LG5 reference map using simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers. Segregation for color, S-alleles and SSR markers fit expectations. The color loci and the S-locus mapped to LG5 between SSR markers B028 and B774. The three maps aligned and the SSR markers were collinear. The SSR markers closest to the S-locus are KG819, KG847, and BR259. In progeny 05050, which segregated for style and leaf color, no recombination was observed between the two traits. Recombination between the S-locus and the style color locus was 5.4 cM in progeny 05050 and 10.1 cM in progeny 00064. The style color locus was placed very close to SSR marker B028 in both progenies. On the reference map, random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) markers 564-500M, 345-1050dF, and 204-950dF and intersequence simple sequence repeat (ISSR) marker 815-540dF are very close to the S-locus. The identification of closely linked markers will facilitate the map-based cloning of the S-locus and color loci in hazelnut.

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