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Tomatoes are the leading vegetable crop in Kuwait and are produced in both open field agriculture (OFA) and protected environment agriculture (PEA). Prior to the invasion by Iraq there were 1018 ha of tomatoes in OFA and 76 ha in PEA. We project that nearly 90% of the pre-invasion PEA area and more than 50% of the OFA area will be restored to production in the 1994 season.

Most of the PEA structures currently in production are simple structures of bent pipe frames with plastic film covers. Some multi-span, rigid-cover structures have been restored. Fan and pad cooling systems are used although many of the structures are uncooled and produce only a winter crop.

PEA production uses desalinated sea water (DW) for irrigation and a mixture of DW and brackish water (BW) for cooling. OFA uses a mixture of DW and BW for irrigation, usually applied with drip systems.

Pest problems include whitefly, spider mite, aphid, root knot nematode and a number of diseases including tomato yellow leaf curl.

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