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Fruit from 8 `Hayward' kiwifruit vineyards in central California were harvested at 2 week intervals after soluble solids content (SSC) reached 6% and subjected to 4 and 6 months of storage at 0°C in an ethylene free environment. Macro-nutrients were analyzed from leaf and fruit tissues. Leaf petiole N and NO3 --N were 2 to 3 times higher for vines that had softer fruit after long-term storage. Where the correlations were significant, fruit firmness and SSC were correlated negatively with N, P, K, Cl, and N/Ca and positively with Ca and Mg of leaf and fruit tissues. The significance of the correlations depended on the harvest maturity and growing locations. Soil nitrogen application increased Mg and reduced Ca and Cl in lamina but did not influence macro-nutrients in fruit tissues.

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