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Drip irrigation systems are used extensively by commercial vegetable producers. Such systems permit precise water placement and efficient water utilization. Emitters in drip irrigation lines can easily become clogged if water supplies contain solid particles. Most farm water is not suitable for drip irrigation unless filters are used to remove solid particles from the water. Small scale or part time vegetable producers often find the cost of conventional filter systems to be a substantial financial investment.

A filter which is small, lightweight, and portable was designed, built, and tested. The system is constructed from standard hardware and plumbing materials that can be purchased for less than $50. Construction time is four hours or less. The filter system works well for small scale operations that require low flow rates of water.

Specifications for construction, including a materials parts list and construction details will be presented.

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Solid particles in water such as sand, silt, clay, or organic debris can clog drip irrigation systems. Filters that remove these particles from the water are necessary, but expensive, for small-scale or part-time farmers. A falter that is functionally similar to commercial units can be built from a steel barrel and common plumbing supplies for about $100. Components and instructions to build such a falter are presented here.

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