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The variation in chilling sensitivity of mature-green specialty bananas (Musa paradisiaca var. sapientum) and plantains (Musa paradisiaca var. paradisiaca) was examined using four cultivars of bananas and one plantain cultivar stored under various time and temperature combinations. Cold storage for 1 day at 5.0, 7.2, or 10.0 °C (41, 45, or 50 °F) resulted in acceptable fruit quality for up to 8 days at 20.0 °C (68 °F) for `Petite' and `Red Macabu' bananas and `Dominico Harton' plantains. `Grand Nain' and `Yangambi' bananas were considered unmarketable due to moderate to severe graying after 8 days at 20.0 °C when fruit were previously stored for 1 day at 5.0 or 7.2 °C. Storage for 3 days at 10.0 °C was acceptable for all cultivars tested, however 5 days at 10.0 °C resulted in moderate to severe browning and graying of the `Grand Nain' fruit. The traditional Cavendish-type, `Grand Nain', as well as `Petite' and `Yangambi', required temperatures greater than 10.0 °C for a 7-day storage duration while `Red Macabu' bananas could be safely stored for 7 days at 10.0 °C. Plantains could be stored at 7.2 °C for 7 days without visible chilling injury symptoms. The storage of specialty bananas and plantains at or above their minimum safe temperatures resulted in improved uniformity of ripening and overall quality of the fruit due to a decrease in chilling injury symptoms.

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