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After 10 years, application of 112 kg N/ha, divided into four annual applications and applied through the drip irrigation system (fertigated), provided nut yield and quality as good as 224 kg·ha–1 all broadcast or 1/2 fertigated and 1/2 broadcast. Leaf N was well above the 2.50% deficiency threshold. Treatment rates were halved for six additional years with no detrimental effects on yield and quality from fertigation. All treatments still provided leaf N well above the deficiency threshold. After 16 years of N fertigation there appears to be no serious reduction of pH or flushing of other nutrients from the wetted zone of the emitter. Leaf and soil analysis indicate a loss of Ca and Mg in the area away from the emitter when N was broadcast. Soil pH and nutrients were lower in the wetted zone of the emitter than in the area not wet by the emitter, and soil pH, K, and Mg were reduced in the 15- to 30-cm layer with fertigation. Leaf nutrient concentrations reflected the cation concentrations in the nonwetted area. Broadcast N was from NH4NO3 and fertigated N was from URAN (16% N from NH4NO3 and 16% N from urea).

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