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Yair Aharoni, Azica Copel and Elazar Fallik

The quality of `Galia' melons (Cucumis melo pv. reticulates) stored in a controlled atmosphere (CA) of 10% CO2 plus 10% O2 with ethylene absorbent (EA) for 14 days at 6C and an additional 6 days at 20C was significantly better than that of control fruit or fruit stored in CA only. Fruit stored in CA plus EA were firmer and exhibited less decay than fruit from the other two treatments.

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Victor Rodov, Batia Horev, Yakov Vinokur, Azica Copel, Yair Aharoni and Nehemia Aharoni

Modified-atmosphere (MA) packaging using bag-in-box Xtend® liners extended the postharvest life of nonnetted Charentais-type muskmelons (Cucumis melo L., Cantalupensis Group, cv. Luna) by delaying over-ripening: excessive softening, change of rind color, decreased soluble solids, and the development of postharvest pathogens. The most delayed fruit ripening was achieved by an atmosphere of 13-14 kPa CO2 and 7-10 kPa O2, even though ethylene concentrations were as much as 120 μL·L-1. Charentais fruit stored in this atmosphere at 6 to 7 °C maintained marketable quality for 12 days plus additional 3 days at 20 °C. In contrast, lifespan under commercial conditions in air did not exceed 3-5 days at 10 to 11 °C plus 3 days at 20 °C. The recommended MA was achieved by using the liners with low microperforation level (total perforation area 25 × 10-5 percent of the film surface), 8-9 fruit of total weight ≈5 kg per liner. MA packaging of Charentais melons makes possible their transportation from Israel to Europe by sea instead of air.