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Estimates of root hydraulic conductivity (Lp) were obtained on intact peach (Prunus persica × P. davidiana `Nemaguard') and sour orange (Citrus aurantium L.) rootstock over a broad range of transpiration rates. Within a species, Lp was lower when estimated using the Ohm's law analog than the reciprocal of the slope of the linear regression between transpiration (E) and stem xylem water potential (Ψ). Nonzero y-intercepts in linear regressions of Ψ vs. E resulted in the lack of agreement between Lp estimates. Removal of the root system caused xylem Ψ to rapidly approach zero in both species when E ≈ 0, suggesting that factors responsible for nonzero y intercepts resided within roots. Lp was 2.2 and 3.5 times lower for sour orange than peach when calculated by the Ohm's law and regression methods, respectively.

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