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Excised whole leaves of in vitro cultured Venus fly-trap plants produced up to 15 adventitious bud- (AB) and lateral bud-derived (LB) plantlets in 60 to 90 days, when cultured on a modified Murashige and Skoog salt medium supplemented with naphthaleneacetic acid (NAA) at 1.9 mg/liter and 6(-γ,γ-dimethylallylamino)-purine (2iP) at 0.2 mg/liter and grown under a 16 hr photoperiod at 22°C. Leaves dipped for 10 seconds to 24 hr in various concentrations of 6-benzylamino purine (BA), 2iP, NAA and indolibutyric acid (IBA) improved the production of plantlets over undipped leaves. A 24 hr 2iP dip at 2.1 mg/liter produced the largest average number of adventitious and lateral bud-dervied plantlets. Lateral bud-derived plantlets are proposed to have arisen from nodes within the rhizomes of previously derived plantlets. Morphologically, the resulting chain-like growth habit of lateral bud-derived plantlets is very unusual and provides an increased number of plantlets for subcultures.

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