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Several intermittent 13C warming treatments were applied to `Primofiori' lemons (Citrus limon Burn) stored at 2 or SC. Fruit stored at 13C were treated with 10%, 2090, or 30% CO2 for 24 hours at weekly intervals. Reduction in decay and physiological disorders was best with two cycles of 2 weeks at 2C and 2 weeks at 13C and relative humidity >95 %. Under this storage condition, soluble solids concentration, pH, titratable acidity, and reducing sugars did not change relative to values at harvest, but the concentration of ascorbic acid increased and that of nonreducing sugars decreased in relation to harvest values. Carbon dioxide treatments did not prevent the development of alternaria (Alternaria citri Ell. & Pierce) rot and red blotch disorder, but effectively prevented the development of membranosis, rind pitting, and oleocellosis.

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