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The inheritance of resistance to Fusarium solani f. phaseoli Kend. & Sny.) in Phaseolus vulgaris lines P. I. 203958 (N203), and 2114-12 which derives its resistance from P. coccineus, was studied under greenhouse and field conditions. It was concluded that: N203 and 2114-12 respectively possess 4 and 5-6 genes for resistance under the greenhouse-test conditions used; 4 of the 2114-12 genes for resistance are the same as the N203 genes; gene action is mostly additive but partial dominance of resistance appears in 9-13-week-old field-tested plants. Broad sense heritability was estimated as 62-64% under greenhouse conditions and as 22% and 79%, respectively, in 5 and 9-13-week-old field tested plants. The additive variance under greenhouse conditions was estimated as 72% and 40% respectively for resistance from 2114-12 and N203.

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