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A seaweed extract (Cytex) was incorporated at 0%, 1%, 2%, and 3% (v/v) into four carrier gels used for fluid drilling. The gels were: magnesium silicate (Laponite), starch acrylate polymer (Liquagel), potassium copolymer (Viterra Agrigel), and a starch (Water lock B-100). When moisture was not lost, the pH values were significantly different among diluted gels (1 gel : 1 water, v/v) and ranged from 6.8 to 9.2. Incorporation of the seaweed extract significantly decreased the pH of the gels. Osmotic potential values of all the gels were close to 0 MPa, with potassium copolymer having a significantly lower osmotic potential (−0.03 MPa) than that of starch acrylate polymer (−0.007 MPa). Incorporation of the seaweed extract signficantly decreased the osmotic potential of the gels between −0.12 and −0.16 MPa. When gels were dehydrated to simulate water stress conditions (0% to 50% water evaporation), pH values were decreased further (ranging from 4.6 to 6.8). Osmotic potential decreased in all the gels to a range between −0.22 and −0.36 MPa with increasing moisture loss.

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