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L.A. Gills, A.V.A. Resurreccion, W.C. Hurst, A.E. Reynolds and S.C. Phatak

Descriptive analysis was used to compare sensory color, flavor, and textural attributes of Georgia-grown carrots. The relation between °Brix, total sugar, and intensity perception of sweetness was also studied. Significant differences existed in the perception of sweet taste and of color, and in levels of °Brix and percentage of sugar among all cultivars, but perceived intensity of sweetness was not related to the levels of °Brix or percentage of sugar. No significant differences were found among cultivars in harsh carroty, green, astringent, and earthy flavors, and in the perception of sour taste. Intensity ratings for perceived hardness were nonsignificant in either study. Differences in sensory profiles existed among all cultivars, but no trend was evident in the relation of sweetness to harsh flavor.

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A.G. Reynolds, D.A. Wardle, C. Zurowski and N.E. Looney

One of three levels (O, 1, 10 mg·liter-1) of the cytokinin-active substituted phenylurea compound CPPU was applied with or without 100 mg GA/liter to developing clusters of `Sovereign Coronation' and Summerland Selection 495 grapes (Vitis spp.). In a similar experiment, one of three levels (0, 1, 10 mg·liter-) of either CPPU or the related compound thidiazuron was applied to `Simone' and Summerland Selection 535. Both phenylurea chemicals tended to linearly increase cluster weight and berry weight while reducing degrees Brix, pH, and anthocyanins and increasing titratable acidity. A subsequent trial with O, 4, and 8 mg thidiazuron/liter on all four varieties yielded similar results. GA had no individual or synergistic effects. Due to the very low concentrations required, CPPU and thidiazuron show great promise as chemical tools for the increase of berry weight in seedless table grapes. Chemical names used: N-(2-chloro-4-pyridyl) -N'-phenylurea (CPPU); N1-phenyl-N'-l,2,3-thiadiazol-5-yl urea (thidiazuron);

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Brian M. Schwartz, Wayne W. Hanna, Lisa L. Baxter, Paul L. Raymer, F. Clint Waltz, Alec R. Kowalewski, Ambika Chandra, A. Dennis Genovesi, Benjamin G. Wherley, Grady L. Miller, Susana R. Milla-Lewis, William C. Reynolds, Yanqi Wu, Dennis L. Martin, Justin Q. Moss, Michael P. Kenna, J. Bryan Unruh, Kevin E. Kenworthy, Jing Zhang and Patricio R. Munoz