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‘Gallatin 50’, a bush cultivar not of ‘Blue Lake’ background, and ‘Oregon 1604’, a bush cultivar of ‘Blue Lake’ type, were crossed with distortion susceptible lines of ‘Blue Lake’ type. Environment affected distortion expression; the best expression was obtained in the greenhouse while expression was much reduced in the field. Ratios obtained suggested distortion is primarily controlled by a single dominant gene, designated Ld. ‘Oregon 1604’ carries the recessive allele for normal. ‘Gallatin 50’ carries a major dominant gene, designated Ds, that supresses the expression of the dominant gene Ld for leaf distortion tendency. Results also suggested that modifying factors are involved and are responsible for levels of susceptibility among parents and progenies. Additional crosses between susceptible lines showing severe to mild distortion indicated that these lines carried the same major genes for distortion, but differed in modifying factors.

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