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Leaf morphology of Pistacia atlantica Desf., P. chinensis Bunge, P. integerrima Stewart, P. khinjuk Stocks, P. lentiscus L., P. mexicana HBK, P. mutica F.&P., P. vera L., and P. weinmannifolia Poisson were compared. P. lentiscus, P. mexicana, and P. weinmannifolia were hypostomatic while the other species were amphistomatic. Leaves of P. vera, which are oriented randomly, appeared to be isolateral, while leaves of the other species are dorsiventral and are oriented horizontally. Differences in the length and density of the ab- and adaxial palisade cells and in the shape of the spongy parenchyma cells were noted among species. In an effort to relate structure to function, the daily patterns of carbon dioxide assimilation rate, A, and leaflet conductance, g, to water vapor among P. atlantica, P. integerrima, and P. vera were determined under field conditions. The mean maximum Pn rates were 2.1, 1.0, and 2.0 nmol CO2 cm−2 s−1, respectively.

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