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`Oconee' pecan [Carya illinoinensis (Wangenh.) K. Koch] scions were grafted on seedling rootstock from nine open-pollinated seedstocks. Rootstock included three seedstocks each of pecan, water hickory [C. aquatica (F. Michx.) Nutt.], and their interspecific hybrid, Carya × lecontei (Little). Pecan seedlings had the largest basal diameters and water hickory seedlings the smallest. Seedlings of `Elliott' and `Curtis' seedstocks were larger than seedlings from `Moore' seedstock. Pecan and C. × lecontei seedlings were grafted more successfully than water hickory. Graft success varied among seedstocks of pecan and C. × lecontei Foliage color of seedlings, possibly indicative of iron nutritional status, was influenced by species; pecan seedling leaves were darker green than those of water hickory seedlings, but similar to C. × lecontei leaves. `Oconee' scion leaves were darker green on pecan rootstock than when grafted on C. × lecontei rootstock.

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