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The influence of media on plant growth was investigated for five annual species. Uniform 164-cm3 liners of Tagetes erecta `Discovery Orange', Impatiens wallerana `Accent Orange', Melampodium paludosum `Showstar', Scaevola aemula `New Wonder', and Petunia axillaris `Surfinia White' were planted into 2.8-L containers on 4 Apr. 1997. The experiment was terminated after 90 days. Media included Metro-Mix 366 peat or coir, Metro-mix 700 peat or coir, and 4 pine bark : 1 sand (by volume, amended with 1.2 kg.m-3 dolomitic limestone). Plants were top-dressed with 9 g Osmocote Plus 15-9-11. Substituting coconut coir for peat moss in commercial media reduced Petunia 90 DAT foliar color ratings, Impatiens shoot dry masses, and Melampodium and Scaevola root ratings. Utilization of pine bark did not influence foliar color ratings of Tagetes, Melampodium, Petunia, or Scaevola 90 DAT. Utilization of pine bark reduced shoot dry masses of Impatiens, Melampodium, and Scaevola, and root ratings of Melampodium and Tagetes.

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